Connectivity Selection Tool

Welcome to the Connectivity Standard Selection Tool. If you are planning to build an intelligent distributed system, this tool can help you decide which connectivity standard is the best fit to your use case.


The questions in the tool may seem irrelevant to your situation. Because the space is so big, many of them actually are. You can hover over the questions for a deeper explanation of what’s being asked. The score at the end will explain their relevance.

The goal of the tool is to be diagnostic. Most material you see out there will try to convince you of things, like “you need security” or “your solution won’t scale”. We take no such approach. Rather than engage in value propositions or technical comparisons, we instead seek simple questions that correlate with final choices. We make no claim that the resulting recommendation is the only way to do it, just that these questions likely illuminate the right path. Again, the justifications are presented after we display results.